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Main aspect of this project is the improvement of intercultural exchange between eastern and western musical approach, with a particular attention to Indian subcontinent area. The very new aspect of the modern musical dialogue between west and India is the great mastering of harmonic structures that some Indian musician are showing, yet keeping live and present their legacy with the classical roots of Raga.

We can say that now the dialogue between the two worlds is more equal and complete: if in the past the Indian musician were the teachers, now we can see how they are more interested to western culture and instruments: starting from the typical drum set , going through synth keyboards and the modernisation of others guitar and sitar, in the new transformation in zitar, elettrified and played in a very close-to-guitar way by Niladri Kumar.

By this way, yet in the respect of classical tradition, the expressive possibilities are enlarged, making a fusion of two different percussive sets , and so creating a further east-west bridge.

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Besides the standard rhythms of western music light or folk a special section will concern the possible connections with rhythmic models of Indian music tala , so to make possible and harmonious the insert of a drum set in the accompaniment of a typical raga. All in association with Indian konnacol system.

The final phase of this project will be a series of live performances , in which will be presented the different way of playing the drums in various contexts western music, classical raga, fusion music and musictherapy setting. The program, in the spirit of a degrees communication, will find application as in Europe as in India, with Kolkata as a starting point, with the precious help of Partho Sarothy, intelligent and mindopened to sperimentation musician and oriented to the meeting of different cultures.

All this project will be documentated in a musical CD realised in Kolkata with Indian musicians, where will be recorded two compositions: one based upon the introduction of drumset in a typical classical Raga, and another upon the use of Indian instruments in a western musical atmosphere. There will be also a DVD with a booklet in which will be resumed all the working phases, from the starting idea to the final products. This project has been started for the soundtrack of the art performance " Lo sguardo Scuro " by italian actress Carla Stella.

For that occasion I've played my scalopped electric guitar over a base of drums, tabla and tanpura. Look at the short video and listen to the playlist title " Electric Fuga " on riccardo misto's page. Find more videos like this on Drums and Tabla Connection.


Open Music will present a special event with one of the best new appreciated Indian tabla player, Nihar Mehta, leader of Tabla in Europe, who has played with many of the greatest Indian classical musicians. The point which he said that Mercury and Jupiter are invariably placed in Kendra to each other is amazing indeed. I thought sun is soul, moon is mind, mercury is intellect buddhi and jupiter is wisdom.

Sir, what about budh ketu conjunction Its not mentioned in this talk. Watching again! What about retrograde mercury sitting alone in the sixth house in Capricorn?

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Sir, You said a planet cannot be both combust and retrogade other than mercury. What happens when a planet is too close to the sun combust but retrogade as well? If venus is retrogade can it not be combust as well? Hello,thank you dharmesh ji and sunil ji How wonderfully you explain the things Really great.

I salute you Sir.

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Sir ur smile is also good as ur talk like. I think I have to disagree with what Dharmeshji said. My mercury is combust with less than 1 degree behind Sun.

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Got a first class degree in Aerospace Engineering and now learning Astronautics Engineer masters. OMG sir..

You are amazing I have a wicked combination of mercury 0. Ketu kritika 2 moon mrigashira 25 degree mars mrigashira Can it get more wicked than that hahahaha ha I am demon supreme You carry excellent knowledge n intelligence. Sir please throw some light on mercury mars conjunction. Sir my mercury is alone Is it really dangerous And now also i am under ketu mahadasha Many thanks to both awesome guys Good Lecture.

Something new about Mercury. Many Thanks to You and Mr.


Whatever Dharmesh ji teaches, one cannot get it from reading thousand books. Gems like him are rare. Excellent knowledge Dharmeshji!

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Wow Dr. Mehata, very deep and knowledgeable video!!! Thank you so much to both of you. Mind is root cause of all happiness and sorrow in life Amazingly interesting!

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius Sign(Eng) by Dr .Dharmesh M. Mehta

Thank you very much! Awesome Session. Sir, please see my kundali and kindly let me know which gemstone I should wear. Mercury and Rahu in Second house. Well, you have a great insight about such a complicated topic, and it's very well described also.

Sir , what if Mercury r , sun and Saturn in 8th house Gemini? What about mercury and ketu combination???