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But nobody dared t the rods, for everyone thought it to be a faerie glen. Brian i really believe, but he honored it in spite of his disbelief. Things being difficult, Brian decided he would have t the glen anyway. The next morning he arose early. World edl'ted b y Jane 1 n. Being afraid to wait any longer, he decided to test his luck and try to find his way home.

As he wandered blindly about the glen, he spied a distant light and moved in its direction. Before long he came to a big house. The door was open and a fine light poured out the door and the windows. As Brian poked his head in the door, he saw an ol. As they talked, the old man asked Brian to tell him a faene tale. I don't believe in faeries and don't know any faene tales.

As he pulled up the water, he accidentally knocked the bucket d0w. As he reached for it, he lost his balance and tumbled after It. He fell further and further, until he landed softly at the bottom. But there was no water at the bottom of this well. There was a light though, and as he moved to it, he saw an even bigger house. Inside this one were a group of people gathered for a party. A beautiful girl stepped forward and greeted Brian.

And then here you appear-the best fiddler in Ireland! I don't know anything about fiddles or how to play them. Brian looked at it and then raised it to his chin. And he began to play. The people laughed and danced, and exclaimed that they had never heard anyone play the fiddle as well as Brian. Brian smiled, truly amazed at himself.

Brian here IS the best prIest m Ireland. I don't know anythmg about the mass or being a priest," Brian protested. Three of the men As he stepp ere four men holdmg a c h they raised the cofim. Brian was gether. The big man was now eve astounded by what he had done. As d f llin fur the path. He stepped and fell into it. He tumbled own, a g ther and further. And then he landed softly on the grass next to the well outside the home of the old man and woman. He took the bucket back to the house. The old man and woman were sitting where he had left them, right next to the fire. It was as if he had never been gone.

As a child some of my trongest memories are of meeting those of the faerie realm through reading simple fae rie tales. On many occasions I could feel the presence of others, although I could not always see them. Som etimes slight indentations would appear on the bed around me, as if others were settling in to enjoy the stories as well. The first sights were of flickering lights and of a li ttle bearded man lighting a pipe as he leaned against the wall at the head of my bed fra me. He would nod as if tell me to keep on reading, and as I read he seemed to hear my thoughts as words, just as if I were reading aloud to him.

Rarely did he sp eak, but he m ade his thoughts well known. For the most part, he seem ed content to just listen, although his rugged features could change sharply if elves or dwarfs were described within the stories in a manner that was obviously offensive and false. At such times he would snort and look disgusted. Then he would motion with a wave of his hand for me to continue. Sometimes I did read aloud-using a whispered voice-and on those occasions the lights would grow stronger around me, and there would always seem to be more of a crowd, Much later when I read the story of Peter Pan, I was always struck by the similarity of my own scene with that of Peter Pan sitting outside the window and listening as Wendy told her brothers stories of Neverland, I have seen this little man many times in my life; I consider him my "good luck dwarf.

He is a wonderful teacher and friend who accepts me as I am, He has shared his magic over the years and opened the mysteries of the faerie realm to me. Were it not for hIm, I would not know that magic and miracles are supposed to happen- that life is supposed to work out. As I gathered the material for 00 and organiz d 't h ' first w'lthth e 1, e revealed hImself as he always does. He y, scrutImzmg the material I would set forth. And tha t's not so a.

Then growmg up 1 the growing,. W have built b unda. Hum nit i di cov ring that many of OUI myths and legnds are f und d in truth. Thi i why they still intrigue and fasdn t. Inf rmati n r garding the eth real realms is plentiful and f und in very part of the world. And maybe this is a. In truth, the awakenIng d perception. SOh rr mysteries.

Y and we see better in W h ay our boogiemen psyche opens. And that whIch exp. Some belIeve them to be the spirits of the dead. It is a synthesis only. Though not SCIentifically verified, it can be personally experienced. This book is a map to your own quest, based upon past writings and my personal explorations. Unless otherwise footnoted, those threads can be discerned more personally by reading and studying the works in the bibliography, by employing the techniques and exercises provided and by studying the folklore associated with this subject.

They wIll say that it is all of the imagination. That it is a fool's quest. That it is even the work of the deVIl. We like to believe we are the hIghest and the only f f. II' as vast as that wh' h l'. In a universe Ie we IVe fi, such an attitude is arrogant. Just as. We open ourselves to t e mystenes 0 e. The world still holds an ancient enchantment. It hints of JOureys into unseen and unmapped domains. Each cavern and hollow tree was a doorway to another world.

Humans recognized life in all things. The streams sang and the winds whispered ancient words into the ears of whoever would listen. Every blade of grass and flower had a tale to tell. In the blink of an eye, one could explore worlds and seek out knowledge that enlightened life. Shadows were not just shadows and woods were not just trees and clouds were not just pretty. There was life and purpose in all things and there was loving interaction between the worlds. Now we no longer see with a child's or seer' s eyes. Instead we laugh and scoff at those who do. Because of this the "blessed ones" have retreated.

The abuses we impose on nature and on each other appall them, and though curious about humans, they avoid contact. However, no world dies completely. Those ancient worlds still exist, though the doorways to them are more obscure. Now we must seek them out. There are still noble adventures to undertake.

There are still pots of gold at the end of rainbows, but they mu t be searched out and won. I believe in faeries and elves. I have seen angels and d and? My world i full f and JOY and wonder. Every soul has a purpose, but sometimes we get so lost within Our day-to-day activities that our lives pass with little purpose and even less joy. At such times, the soul- through its connection with the divine--attempts to remind us that something is missing. The realm of faeries reminds us to keep joy and creativity alive. It is my hope that through this book and its techniques you will discover your own doorways into this realm and breathe new life into your soul.

Venturing between these worlds often has been described as being fraught with dangers. A restlessness would develop, and the individual's outer life would be dimmed by an inner longing. An individual whose dreams were dIsturbed by unages strange and en. Often individuals who felt the touch of faenes would lose defInition. The self would become divided. Such Instances In these tales often reflect more than what appears on the surface.

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The human essence is a wondrous thing. We are multi-dimensional and we have an energy system that enables us to perceive and respond on many levels-physical and otherwise. Most do not want to know about or experience the possibilities of life and energies beyond the obviously physical. With surrounding. Planes of Existence. The task for those wishing to open to the faerie realm is to learn to control and direct those higher perceptive capabilities.

The human energy system can be controlled to more easily attune to the subtle influences of life, whether it is attuning to the need of those around us or attuning to those of the faerie realnl itself. They vary in. They are not bound to the material precepts we oft n like to. LIke e very mg about faeries and elves, the Sources of th.

T e term "faene". For the sake of simplicity, in this work the spellmg "faerie" will be used to refer to the whole realm as well as to the individual beings of that realm. A common English term for an individual faerie was elf"; this came from the Scandinavian and Teutonic traditions and languages. In Scandinavia, the word for "elves" was "aHar," which could reflect any spirit of the mountains, forests and waters. This is quite appropriate since we generally link elves and faeries with all things of the natural world. There will probably be those who will protest the use of faerie and elf generically to represent those of the nature kingdom, but it is not within the scope of this work to delineate all of the variations and names of these beings.

Rather it is an attempt to facilitate the reader's ability to understand and work with them more effectively. The "good people," as they are sometimes called, held an important position in the world when each tree had a name and every deer was recognized, known and even called by name. They were n umerous and very powerful. They played an important role in everyday life. Humans were not the supreme rulers of the physical world.

There were many beings in many forms-often equal to hum ans in cunning, strength and power. Many worked and lived together with humans. We had more o f an instinctual and intuitive connection to all life. They assisted in helping us with crops. They taught us lunar and solar cycles of planting. Ev ntuaUy though humans quit listening. As the natural world became tamed, the faeries it sheltered became more elusive. For the faeries. Then WIth the nse of C.

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  8. Today thIS IS not one. When we lose our connections, things dle. Many of t. Many doors have closed. Some in the faerie realm have WIthdrawn entirely. They left with the woods. Some have adapted to human life. Others are to be found wherever nature is alive and active. Still others have gone deep underground. There are still house sprites and brownies, and dark elves are often found in basements and attics. Every tree and flower still has its spirit. Every woods has -its "lady of the woods. Where nature is freest and most wild, faeries and elves are most numerous.

    Today the faerie realm is not so accessible. The shadow lands still lie hidden in the countryside, but never are they clearly seen. Any opening in sea or land may mark the borders of enchantment. This can be a whirlpool, lake, cavern or well. It may be a bend in the road or an intersection of two paths. Though the entrances are elusive, they can be discovered. Children, poets, seers and healers often find them without realizing. Initially their presence is translated through the five senses. ThlSmay come to you as an scent.

    You may catch a sparkle out of the comer of the eye. You may find your eyes start to tear a little. You may. The more you pay attention to these perceptions, no matter how slight or imaginary they may seem, the more you will become aware of their p resence. Also, be careful about assuming that that which is imagined is the same as that which is not real. They are not synonymou s. Most techniques for establishing any kind of spirit contact are simple. They depend u pon effective meditative abilities. If we are wanting to open to vision, we must learn to shift eye dominance vhen in this medita tive state.

    This often happens automatically when we use any kind of altered consciousness. The use of visualization, concentration and creative imagination will lead to higher fonns of inspiration and a fully conscious perception of the faerie realm. Of the three, the creative imagination is most important. Its proper development will open the sp iritual background of physical life.

    We begin to see the spiritual essences and energies surrounding and interplaying with the physical world at all times. Energy translated from the supersensible to the sensible realm of physical life must tak the form of images for us to begin to work with them. This is tru when working with the faerie realm as well.

    What w consider imagination is a reality in some form on a I vel b y nd th normal sensory world. With creative imagination WP T n w awareness and a new relationship in color and form to this world. M dit tion helps us to trigger the image-making and p 'r iv biliti f th mind. II things that may be real. We see only in the mind. The images created by It re ec our , here of t e ram. The subconscious mmd IS aware.

    We open doors through the ImagmatIon,. We open ourselves to direct faene perceptions themselves, rather than perceptions of images. Everyone's experience may be slightly different. I have no trouble seeing those within trees and bushes, but I must exert concentration to perceive those f the flower realm.

    Everyone's energy is different, and thus each mu find his or her avenue that is easiest to work within. The rest of thO book provides exercises and techniques to begin your que. This exercise will begin to open your th ughts a1 ng th bIhty of actual faerie encounters. Have you ever seen a flash of light or sudden quick m OVemen t out 0 f th e corner of your eye that could not b plained? Do your reams d f' Ids streams, etc.? This can often. When out in nature, have you ever felt as if the woods themselves were watching you? This is often a signal that you are being greeted.

    Some people experience this while those they may be walking with do not. Do you or have you ever felt uncomfortable in your basement, attic or dark areas of the house? Dark elves often take up residence in such places. As a child and maybe even as an adult d id your closet have.


    Did you ever see, think or believe there was something or someone in your closet? Again dark elves that take up residence in people's homes will often u se the corners of a closet. Did you ever have or ever see a child with an "imaginary". Often they are not imaginary at all, but are members of the faerie realm. Did you ever observe children when playing and see them. Do you find that talking to your plants helps them grow? Have you ever walked through an open field and found yourself brushing spider webs from your face? Spider webs do not form at face-level in open fields. They need something to ding to.

    Usually in such occurrences, you have been brushed by fidd faeries. The energies of nature spirits can induce altered states, and if sleeping on or near a faerie mound, you may find yourself unusually tired. I call this the "Rip Van Winkle syndrome. Do you ever dream of strange beasts or dragons? This can indicate that there nnec IOn and that the faeries and elves are trying to reach out. Go f story. If you are not sure what the. See yourself as the mam character-or what character to w? It can be used to help you understand how you ca best perceive, work with and harmonize with those of that realm.

    They reflect p atterns that we are likely to encoun ter within OUI life, and they often r eveal areas where we can best w ork with those of this w ondrous realm. Before solid boundaries formed in the world, the faeries :oamed freely. Though contact with humans was frequent at one time, the land of faeries was always mysterious. It had different rhythms and rules. It had more of a changeable nature, and this often struck fear in the hearts of humans who liked order.

    As humans began to instill order and boundaries in the physical world, the borders of the faerielands shifted. The faeries and elves moved from the grea t forests to the farms of humans. Some employed their curtains ofinvisib ility. In Greece, there are stories of the dryads whose bodies merged with trees. They can still be seen within the folds of leaves and bark, but when the tree dies so does the nymph.

    Humans have tried to classify the numerous kinds of bein of nature. Every country had its own names for them. There were the leshiye f R.

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    It help d tabli h boundarie and control mans t whIch had always b n ind terminat and ind finable. Other ountn had th Ir wn classifications. There were rare me tings with human ,and th same is ev n more true today, With less and less land that is truly wild. Today they often serve as guardians ov r tho e lands still relatively unimpinged by human civilization.

    They do have th ability to shape-shift and will often appear as animals, Most of the time thou gh, their presence is evidenced by activities, such a grass b nding, depressions appearing in tall weeds r a whispering of leaves when there is no breeze. The trooping fa ries ar often considered the descendants of gods. They possessed great magic and were skilled in all areas of life. The trooping faeries had great power, esp ecially in the use of glamour. This is the ability of the faeries to make humans see what they wanted them to se , or even to see nothing w hen the faeries wished to remain invisible.

    Many tales exist about the experiences of h um ans kidnapped and taken into UFOs and spaceships. They are then subject to strange sights and exp ri nces. When r turned, they behave and are treated just as tho who claimed to have slipped into the faerie realms. Because the g neral public today assumes that faeries and fiction are one and th same, the trooping faeries use their glamour to creat UFO encount rs. After all, in thi mod ern d ay of sophisticat d t chnology and rational thinking, this illusion is more likely to b a c pt d.

    It is mor probable than lIa kidnap p ing to faerieland. In ancient times, the curr nt of love be-. Many refy t d t day w ' meanmg. Th re are vari Hons,. Thi int rchan facilitate understandmg, and prevents u from bee ming ntangled in t rminol gies. Many even r quire th assistance of humanity to Ii an 1. Th Y have a much effect upon us as we have on th m, alth u h w rar ly rec gniz it.

    Unfortunately, as much a th y ma b intrigu d, they ar even more disgusted by human behavior, This h added to theirincreased withdrawal and reluctance t initiat nt ct. N t 11 of the natur pirit are abi to withdraw though. Some w rk f r th maint nanc of th Earth and its various environments.

    Th y d thi until, higher degree of evolution is achieved. Thu a tr am that is polluted will affect such beings, 1nmg and oft n di figuring them. They are bound to the rma and the effect of that pollution. For this reason alone, though it may demand greater effort. Also refer to Exercise 1 in Chapter One 1. A sudden unexplained trembling or whispering of leaves. Any place in the natural world that is neither one 1 other.

    It is a shadow land. An island. It was secluded and quiet. Over the next few days, I fo und I was sleeping fourteen to. I would get up, eat and sit next to the water f SIXlittle bit, but then I would go back to the tent and sleep. On the second night I was awakened from these dreams by the haunting melodies of loons and the song of wolf howls though I had been told that wolves were rarely heard at this time of year. All this blessed me with some of the most wonderful dream and sleep experiences I had ever had.

    And yet, I could not understand why I was sleeping so much. It would not be until I left this spot and headed back that I realized the reasons for what had occurred. In addition to the altered state that nature spirits induce especially in as wild an area as the one I was in , the island itself as with all islands is a natural " ' tween place," and the raised area where I set up my tent was a faerie mound.

    I had truly experienced the "Rip Van Winkle syndrome. In spite of this, their habitats are uniformly described in most societies. They li ve everywhere and nowhere. They are always in woodlands and fields, and the traditional concept of them living in ho11ow oak trees is more fact than fiction. Any opening in sea or. They m d k d dawn are such powerful an magIca. ThIS IS h' t sections between day and mght. They are t e In.

    They can be water, aroun h a es, dwellings and even within. They are always. Faene moun s. Faene n. You wIll. I have no trouble seeing them in trees and bushes. Generally distrustful of humans, they are not qUIck to reveal themselves. Spend as much time in nature as you can. When you do begin to perceive them, it is often as a glimmer or hint just at the edge of your vision. You may see faces in shrubs or flowers, and you may even assume it is just your imagination. If not seen, spending time out in nature will at least make you more perceptive of their presence in other ways.

    You may catch a fragrance of a flower or tree out of the blue. Acknowledge it, for you are being greeted. Often people walking in open fields will brush at their faces as if they have walked through a spider web. In every crystal and stone is a d va e Spin t t at w k ' h. In larger stone f m"lations, the great antIqUIty about them and a gr at trength. Id keys to prophecy, magic and knowledge of st n pInts ho many ' t IS. Th s that take up residence in the home can an 0 aSSIst In.

    Occasionall individuals of a group called the dark elves WIll take up residence in the homes of humans. They prefer dark con:ers, attic , basements and closets, and they usually only appear at mght. They are not dangerous or harmful, although many are put off by their dark features and strong energy. Their energy is strong, and because of this, their presence can b felt. And most people ha e felt their presence more than they realize. The light would be flipped on, but it was never enough. Then we would pau e at the door to calm ourselves and pretend as we , ralked through the door that it was all casual.

    TheIr fears. O cts our senses. It can cause chill s and s h'Ivers and a d e fienergy affe 't feeling of uneasiness or of a presence. Did you ever catch the fragrance of a flow er YOhile those you were walking with did not? Did a tree rustle on a day as you passed beneath it?

    Was there a ripple in a pond or creek just as you sat down beside it? Did a bird ever come and sing specifically to you? The spirits of nature are found in all elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire. Their presence and touch is soft and subtle. If you wish to begin your search for the faerie realms, open to the elements of nature that are closest to you. Look around you, because even if you are not aware of them, the likelihood of their presence is great.

    The following is a list to assist you in opening to the nature spirits and inviting their presence into your life:. Meditate while sitting under trees, around lakes, etc. Have plants and flowers inside your house or apartment. Be cognizant of the abuses of nature and do your part to dean it up and reverence it. Involve yourself in some creative activity on a regular basis. Be generous in your d ealings with others They will often test this, as will be d iscussed in Chapter Eieven. Keep the child in you alive. Place an echinite fossil sea urchin on your mantelpiece.

    They were called faerie loaves, made by the faeries. Those who had them would never want for food and always had faerie assistance. Sing often. Nature spirits gather wherever there is song and music. Many faeries and elves can show themselves In vanous forms. They may take human form. They may take the form of an animal. They may shape-shift to become a flower or even a jewel. They often will take the form expected by the human. There is more to the faerie realm than we realize. They are not evil as some would believe, but they can be very mischievous.

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    They are always playing dolls or pretending to cook. Just try getting him to stop! Always treat him honestly for he can sense when you are giving him the run around. Cancer children also like to cuddle up in your lap and listen to stories for hours on end. They need to be held a lot, and will return affection manyfold. L eo children have happy, sunny dispositions; they are strong and enthusiastic.

    They tend to be bossy and can turn into bullies if not told to be kind to others less aggressive than themselves. You will find your Leo child playacting a lot, especially in games where he can always be the hero. V irgos are neat and tidy children, and are always doing things with their hands. They like games with lots of little pieces to put together and actually enjoy picking up their toys. The Virgo child is often a fussy eater, and a crybaby when it comes to bumps and bruises.

    They are not as adventuresome as the other signs, and enjoy playing quietly indoors. Kind to animals, Virgos enjoy having pets to care for, and sick animals or dolls to nurse back to health. L ibras are lovely, gentle children — even the boys tend to be pretty. They should be encouraged to find artistic outlets such as drawing and coloring, singing, rhythm bands and modelling clay. Libras smile a lot and want to please others, sometimes to the point of hiding their true feelings for fear it will cause an argument or upset someone.

    Most of all, Libras want a peaceful home with their families together and happy. S corpio children are always in one extreme mood or another. They quickly switch from rambunctious horse play to violent temper tantrums. They need constant outlets for their emotional energies; Scorpios are not mean children, just very spirited. Innately mystical, Scorpio children can understand Occult teachings at a very early age.

    Though the Scorpio child will make a great display at being brave and independent, he needs constant love and reassurance, for underneath it all, he is just a little child afraid of the dark. S agittarians are lucky and clever. They are good at sports and organized games, and need to play outdoors a lot. They particularly like competitive activities.

    He is always restless, and will probably leave home at an early age to seek his fortune. E apricorn children work hard at school, but are still slow learners. This is because they are slow at everything and should not be made to feel bad about it, but rather given extra time to do things. Capricorns are serious children, and do not like teasing and joking. Rough games frighten them — the Capricorn child prefers to sit quietly and just think or watch TV. Being ruled by Saturn, he naturally comes into his own later in life, and sometimes seems actually glad to get childhood out of the way. Not emotionally demonstrative, he is more of a loyal friend than an affectionate child.

    Good in school, he should be given educational, creative playthings and his natural curiosity will take over. P iscean children live in a make-believe world. The most emotional of all the signs, this child needs constant hugging and cuddling. The Pisces child wants to completely experience everything — when he eats chocolate pudding, he not only tastes it, he smears it in his hair, feels it, smells it, experiences it. Also, watch for evidence of pyschic abilities in these children, if you can figure out what is real and what is in their imagination.

    Now a resident of Michigan, she is the mother of four sons and four daughters and has fifteen grandchildren. Her knowledge of Witchcraft results from a family history laced with tales of ancestors active in European covens on one side and the American Indian tradition on the other. The ancient knowledge has been handed down from mother to daughter as far back as the family remembers. As a naturalist and poet Lady Sheba feels intensely the need for a new recognition of nature by the human race and sees Witchcraft as the ideal vehicle through which to bring it about.

    This interview precedes the publication of two books by Lady Sheba which will open long closed doors to the hidden mysteries of the Craft. The Magick Grimoire of a Witch, a collection of excerpts from Lady Sheba's own workbook, contains spells and ancient ritual practices handed down through her family for centuries and is an invaluable aid to the effective practice of the art. The Book of Shadows, her second publication, is the actual witches' handbook, fiercely guarded during the time of persecution and handed down from coven to coven by word of mouth. It will be in print now for the first time and available to everyone.

    Lady Sheba hopes the revelation of these long kept secrets will reestablish the respectability of the ancient art and reawaken an active interest in its practice. The witches' oath of secrecy has long kept these works under strict control in the British Witchcraft tradition. American witches have, however, evolved outside this oath and, with the blessing of the Mother Goddess, Lady Sheba feels the time is right at last to give the knowledge to all humanity. I think this was my introduction to this kind of knowledge. She began with the Leprechauns and Brownies of Irish legend. My grandmother was one who would not sit down to the dinner table at night without putting out a cup or saucer of milk for them and she would let me go with her to put out the milk.

    So, my first knowledge of these things I came from her and her explanation in story form. From this, as I grew older and wiser, it came gradually. Of course, I knew at a very early age that I was different. LL: Different in what Way? I Was a frail child and what you might call very sickly, but I had a loud voice and I dominated by words and simply by talking.

    When we played witch games, I was the witch. In this way I grew. LL: Your abilities grew of their ; own accord, without family interference? LS: Yes, we believe in letting children grow up and find their own way. My own children grew up going to all the different churches available, seeking their own path. When children are old enough to ask they will ask, and then it is time to tell the truth about it. I LL: Do you recognize any of your [ abilities as being remnants of your past lives rather than direct inheritance from the long line of Witchcraft within your family?

    LS: Every human being has his own personal belief along this line. I do thoroughly believe it. It comes rolling out and I even shock myself. Though I have never actively investigated my past lives, this is to me a carry-over from a former life in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

    LL: How did you choose the magical name of Sheba? I have always known that, even though I had my family name, I was also Sheba. It is perhaps something from a former life. How did it come about? LS: This is a thing that grows with your knowledge and your ability to teach others and form covens. A Priestess who only works in one coven remains a High Priestess. We wear a silver buckle on the garter for each additional coven. There comes a time when no more buckles can be added and the garter itself is removed.

    They can become enormous and spread over a large territory. Mine, for example, cover the United States. Not all of the covens in the U. LL: I see. Being a Witch Queen is like being a High Priestess for a family of covens. Over the years it builds and builds and the people I teach go out and form covens and teach. By law, they have to form a coven of their own.

    You cannot be a witch alone; you must pass the knowledge on to humanity. They are beautiful, knowledgeable people who believe, as I, that the veil of secrecy should be lifted. Witchcraft has taught me to live with myself and understand the God-force within the universe. LL: What special talents do you feel Witchcraft has developed in you? LS: Well, it has taught me to live with myself and understand the God-force within the universe, and other things along this line. It is very easy to understand ESP, clairvoyance, and the psychic powers that we have, but to practice Witchcraft we must learn to use our minds, Witchcraft being a mind-over-matter religion.

    It brings us definitely in touch with the God-forces and teaches us to use them as they are supposed to be used, not abused. I think the greatest thing that comes from the practice of Witchcraft is the ability to live within the laws of nature. LL: What special talents do witches have? LS: We believe that the so-called witch powers, the powers of ESP, clairvoyance, and psychic phenomena are the birthright of all humanity. We think that every man has them and we think that every woman has them.

    If you have no one to teach you these things, however, you might not know about them even if you possessed a great deal of power. LL: Can you tell me what witches do in the form of worship? LS: We have eight Sabbats that extend throughout the solar year — equinoxes and solstices and times when the cosmic powers are closer to us here on earth. We feel rejuvenated by celebrating our Holy Rites at these times. I imagine that in the beginning this was why they were set up on these days.

    We also have thirteen new moons on which we practice Witchcraft. We do healing rituals especially on the new moon. Both the new moon and full moon ceremonies are called Esbats and on them we do any kind of coven work that we want, from the casting of spells to a simple social meeting. So in all, we have thirteen new moons, thirteen full moons and eight Sabbats that we celebrate. In The Book of Shadows you will find these eight Sabbats and why they are celebrated.

    LL: Can any member of the coven call a meeting at any time? LS: Yes, most certainly. If she has a feeling that she needs help, by all means call a special meeting. It would not have to be on the changes of the phases of the moon which are important to us, and definitely, all those who were in reach of her and knew about it would help her with whatever rituals she wanted to do. LL: Is it possible to try the rituals without the help of the group? It is very easy to understand ESP, clairvoyance and the psychic powers that we have, but to practice Witchcraft, we must learn to use our minds.

    LS: She could if she wanted to. It is possible to have your mind so trained that you do not need the magic circle or the focal point of a candle or incense. You can do it and do it alone.

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    LL: Can you tell us something about your views of Black Magic? It has been so often related to Witchcraft that there are many misconceptions about the role of Witchcraft and Black Magic. LS: You know, I have no experience in that field although I have heard many legends about it. To me, there is no such thing as Black and White Magic.

    There is one God-force we learn to contact and to use. The God-force is neutral. It is strictly up to the person how he uses the force once he contacts it. LL: Does a witch have the right to use her powers in defense then?

    LS: We feel our law gives us the right to self-defense, although we have no right to deliberately attack another human being. Perhaps out of this right of self-defense arose the aspect of Witchcraft that is known as Black Magic today. LL: There is much interest in the Occult today. If someone decided to do a ritual from your book in their home, would it be a good thing or would it be dangerous?

    Any time that you come before God to learn of Him and you are reaching out to Him, you are going to get an answer. The only danger would be to invoke a powerful planetary spirit for something cruel or to hurt another human being. This could possibly destroy you. If you come before God with good intentions, anywhere, any time, and you are reaching for knowledge and wisdom for yourself and mankind, you will be blessed by the gods. But, if you were trying to abuse the creatures of God and trying to bring them out for some terrible thing, you would surely be in danger. LL: Can you give us your definition of a spell and how it is used?

    LS: A spell is a form of invocation. You personally invoke the God-powers to achieve a specific result. By bringing them into communion with yourself a command may be issued which is the casting of a spell — your desire or will. You first try to become one with the God-force and receive the power, then send it forth and make your will happen. At the same time, it is necessary to visualize the object of your will as already accomplished. LS: Yes, you go about it in the same way you would say a prayer. If you have a Christian upbringing it should be very easy to formulate the , spell.

    As long as the words have meaning for you, they are meaningful to the God-force. LL: What role does astral travel play in Witchcraft? Is it necessary for a successful witch to have the skill? This The powers are part of the natural function of the human body ; and therefore, are to be nurtured rather than rejected. If we want to talk with God, we must go in spirit. Even the Old Testament gives records of this.

    Of course they called it the spiritual plane. Today the word has evolved and we use the astral plane and speak of it as traveling astrally. LL: The ability to travel astrally is an indication of your ability to use the forces at hand then? LS: Yes, it is. LL: Could you give us an example of a personal experience on the astral plane? LS: During one experience I was given an ancient symbol used by the Javaro Indians head hunters to find any lost person or thing.

    By drawing the symbol on a piece of paper and pointing it in the direction of the lost object or the direction it is believed to be in, it will be found. This is only a small indication of the value of astral travel. Through it, experience can be extended indefinitely. LL: Do you think the stories of broom-riding have anything to do with astral travel? LS: No, I think broom-riding is very similar to the fairy tales that we used to read as children. Witches do have a flying ointment and I think if you got a heavy dose of that you would have quite a trip.

    Maybe with its use some witches imagined themselves to be flying.

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    I have recipes, both ancient and modern, in The Book of Shadows, but also a warning. Some of these ingredients are poisonous and some of them are psychedelic. Most of the materials used in it are illegal now and I have never found a need to use it personally. Most people can get into the astral and have an understanding of it without the use of drugs. People in the old times used the ointment wisely when they used it. By covering themselves with it in the ancient rites it kept out the cold and warmed the body. Perhaps it was also used to help certain people who could not get into the astral to realize what being on the astral plane was, but certainly its use was well controlled.

    LL: Herbs play a major role in Witchcraft. Do you use them in preparing brews and medicines?

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    CH_MONTAUK_editorial_03 – Nina Day Casting

    LS: Well, there is nothing better than a cup of herb tea. Different plants on this earth are attuned to different planets. Just as each planet has its own color and metals, there are also herbs that are attuned to each of them. If you are invoking a planetary God-force, you would want to use the incense that is in tune with the spirit. All of these aids help you invoke the God-force and provide a pleasing atmosphere when you are attempting the ritual. You will get more work done with the use of herbs than if you tried to bring these spirits into a cold and alien world without preparing a welcome for them.

    We care enough about them to appreciate their coming, and therefore, we do prepare a place for them. LL: Do you feel it necessary to pick your own herbs? LS: No. You can buy them. LL: Do you still use herbal cures? LS: I have never doctored anyone with herbs. If you hav?

    LL: What other areas of the Occult are of value in the practice of Witchcraft? LS: The ability to read the Tarot is always an aid to any witch. It is a system of religious education and magic in which the Holy Mysteries were hidden. An elemental guardian spirit was set over the Tarot to keep the knowledge and guard it, and this spirit is active even today. I think perhaps the Theosophists call I think all people should learn to enter the spiritual plane. The Priests who knew that their temples were going to be destroyed, and put together the first Tarot, also created the guardian spirit.

    Whoever feels that they want to study the Tarot and become proficient, absolutely has to invoke and become acquainted with the guardian spirit or they will be unable to give a good reading. Even though it is difficult for the inexperienced to contact the spirit, they must keep trying until he gets to know them and trust them, then he will stand guard over them and guide their hand with every reading. LL: Is nudity a requirement for an effective ritual?

    LS: Oh no, we are all naked under our clothes. It is a very personal thing. Some covens practice it and claim that they feel closer to God and more humble before Him when they come naked. The cone of power that the witches raise within the circle can be directed through stone walls and thousands of miles away to accomplish a purpose. A little nighty or a gown or whatever you chose to work in is not going to hinder that power. LS: It is up to the person involved.

    For the covens who go sky-clad, as we call it, it is their personal way and they come unashamed and feel closer to the gods for it. I agree thoroughly that if they feel closer to God naked, by all means worship Him in the nude — sky-clad. LL: Do you feel that Witchcraft in its pure form is compatible with Christianity? LS: Oh yes, we worship the same creator. We worship the same father-mother aspect of God. We feel close to them and believe they are all sons of God.

    LL: Have you found that attitudes toward the Craft have changed in recent years? LS: People have become more understanding. There is a great upsurge in research and people are digging back into not only the Bible, but every other holy book for clues to the meaning of this awakening of interest. LL: There have been a number of discoveries made in all fields of the Occult from a scientific standpoint. Do you feel that there will be a merging of science and the traditional Craft into a modern religion?

    Most people can get into the Astral and have an understanding of it without the use of drugs. LS: Yes, scientists have made most of the so-called witch-parish respectable. In the past, anyone with witch powers was immediately believed to be a consort of the devil. Now, with scientific methods we are finding that the powers are part of the natural function of the human body; and therefore, they are to be nurtured rather than rejected. Scientists are well on their way to merging all religions.

    Like the spokes on a wheel we are all headed in the same direction. Science will provide the rim to that wheel. Our little differences in dogmas and creeds that have arisen in the past centuries will be absolutely discarded by the coming generations. At least this is what I hope for. LL: Do you see a time when persecution will flourish again? Their form of persecution would be directed toward all other religions, not Witchcraft alone.

    LL: Is there a specific code of ethics for witches? LS: We follow the laws laid down by all major religions, as well as the remnants of the old witch laws which have survived the persecution period. LL: Can you give us a few examples of the witch laws? LS: The laws are given in The Book of Shadows , but a few examples will give you an idea of their content. LL: Do you have any recommendations for those who would like to become witches? LS: First you must find a book or guide to teach you the many paths of Occult religions.

    Once you get a feel for the path you want to travel, start seeking along that path. It would be ideal to find a coven that would accept you, but this is not necessary in the beginning. If you have the right books most people would find it very easy to form their own coven. LL: How can aspiring witches recognize legitimate covens, with so many forming all over the country? Since the first witch, this basic knowledge has been handed down by word of mouth from coven to coven, only written when all else failed.

    The secrets contained here are the basic guide to the practice of Witchcraft and have never before been available outside the strict secrecy of the coven. Lady Sheba, born into the Craft outside the witch's oath, has been commissioned with the task of revealing the truth about Witchcraft, once and for all doing away with the connotations of devil worship which have followed it since the time of the persecutions.

    Witchcraft can now be seen for what it is, a natural religion, using the forces of nature and the innate power of the human mind for the good of mankind. The Book of Shadows makes available: Laws of the Craft— These are the rem- inents of the Witch's code which have survived the time of persecution. Ritual for Opening the Circle— An elementary ritual for the serious practice of Witchcraft.

    Invocations— The actual chants and dances for calling on the Gods. A Summary of the 8 Sabbats— Tells you what the Sabbats are and gives the rituals for their proper celebration. Consecration Rituals— These will guide you in the proper purification and consecration of the tools of the Craft. The long hidden secrets which have not come to light even in this age of exploration are explained and questions which have always remained after reading any study of the Craft are now answered in a witch's own terms.

    The Magick Grimoire discusses the basic premises on which Witchcraft is based, touching on the laws of the Craft, defining the witch's power and how it is used. The witch's tools, their proper marking and consecration are explained completely and the entire witch's alphabet, used in that marking, is included. Aside from these universal elements The Grimoire is also a collection of rituals and spells handed down and practiced for centuries within Lady Sheba's own family.

    The dances and games which end the meetings are explained in detail and ancient recipes for ointments and teas are included. The Magick Grimoire of a Witch is an invaluable aid to beginners and allows anyone to open a coven without -outside guidance. Where did it come from? How does it work? In any study of the Occult it is essential to have some basic information set forth which can act as a foundation for the student to build upon; therefore, in answering these questions I am establishing such a foundation and preparing a groundwork for further study.

    The Tarot is an ancient tool which is used for divination. This tool takes the form of a specialized deck of cards, seventy-eight in number. Minor Arcanum is generally used for lesser divinations and to supply details in reading. When considered together, the Major and Minor Arcana make up one of the most comprehensive systems known to man for classifying and interpreting the universe. The possible combinations of the cards come to a number so great that if a similar number of people existed, five hundred of them would have completely identical sets of finger prints.

    There are several theories foresaw coming and would be preserved until such time as it might be understood and applied again. The true origin of the Tarot is yet unknown. Perhaps all three theories are fact and the Tarot is a synthesis of the great truths of three civilizations. If this is the case, then the Tarot comprises the greatest tools of Occult knowledge available to man. The Tarot operates on an esoteric and an exoteric level.

    He came by his talent naturally giving a fluent reading the first time he handled a deck. Bruce attributes this ability to his use of the Tarot in a former life and feels his purpose now is to initiate others in the ancient art. The deck is separated into two major groups which are called Arcana. The Major Arcanum consists of twenty-two cards which have number but do not have suit.

    The term Major Arcanum signifies greater house and means that it forms the most important part of the deck. The other portion of the deck is called the Minor Arcanum. It consists of fifty-six cards which are divided into four suits of fourteen cards each. In form, these suits resemble modern-day playing cards; this is because our modern deck evolved directly from the Tarot.

    The main difference between the two is in the names of the suits and the number of cards in each. The four suits of the Tarot are called Wands, which relate to clubs; Swords, corresponding to spades; Cups, which change to hearts; and Pentacles, or diamonds. The card which was dropped from each suit was a court card called the page.

    Thus our playing cards have their origin in the Tarot with some changes and modifications. The four suits of the Minor Arcanum also relate to the four elements into which the ancients divided their world i. The concerning the origin of the Tarot, of which, three stand out in importance. The first theory is that the cards originated in the Egyptian Mystery schools. The heads of these schools reduced the universal truths they taught into hieroglyphic tablets in order to conceal that knowledge from the uninitiated. As the students of the schools progressed in stature, more and more of the tablets were revealed to them.

    These tablets of learning are thought by some to be the forerunners of the Tarot. A second theory states that the Tarot is descended from the Hebrew Qabalah, an ancient method of ordering the universe. According to this theory, the Tarot was originally developed as a picture book form of the Qabalah in order to make the teaching of this system simpler. The relationship between the Tarot and the Qabalah is clear and unmistakable to the experienced student.

    With the third theory the Tarot originated in the antediluvian land of Atlantis. It is thought that in the last days of that ancient kingdom the wise men and priests put their knowledge into the form of a series of tablets in symbolic fashion. This was done with the hope that the knowledge they possessed might be saved from the destruction they illuminating beams of prechanneled psychic energy into a level of the mind that is known as the collective unconscious.

    Briefly, the collective unconscious is a body of knowledge common to the minds of all men. This level of universal awareness is also sometimes referred to in Tibetan texts as the Akashik Record. Thus the Tarot probes to the roots of human knowledge. On the exoteric level, the Tarot operates on the principle of coincidence. This principle says that no card falls from the deck by accident. The Tarot then, is a tool by which man might better understand his universe. Without a doubt it will continue to be relevant in the future so long as man continues to search for means of knowing the part of the universe that is beyond the reach of his five senses.

    For years it was his goal to execute a true Tarot deck, until he met the skilled artist, Frieda Harris. Together they worked out a completely original deck, which included all the latest discoveries of modern science, mathematics, philosophy, and anthropology. In short, they reproduced the whole of his magical mind pictorially on the skeleton of the ancient Qabalah.

    This colossal task took Crowley five years to complete. The resulting Tarot deck being published for the first time will serve as a guide to members of the New Aeon—an outstanding monument to the greatest Magician of all time. For years, following the tradition of Eliphaz Levi, he studied under the personal instruction of S. Finally, he succeeded in uniting under the Schema of the Holy Qabalah, all philosophical and magical systems, including the Chinese.

    This, and his "Naples Arrangement" are with little doubt his greatest achievements in scholarship. The Book of Thoth embodies the whole of Crowley's teachings on the Tarot: It is generally acknowledged as Crowley's most successful work and contains pictures of the Crowley Tarot Cards and the interpretations of them which may be applied to other decks as well. Cloth, pp. All of them either say blatantly that sex is good any time under any condition, or else they condemn sex for any purpose other than procreation.

    Where is the middle ground? With the vast amount of sex literature, the discerning individual begins to doubt his own judgment. He fluctuates between depression caused by feeling oversexed, and depression caused by feeling undersexed. This is one basic problem of how we perceive. At one extreme we perceive one set of values and at the other another set. Modern man on an expanding scale has at last begun to perceive what the Sex Magick initiates have always known.

    If you remove the strictly animal elements of lovemaking, there is still something present—something mystical, or even spiritual. It is all a matter of perceiving correctly, or of adjusting our normal perception. The moment of intensity reveals one thing clearly: that most human consciousness is wasted consciousness. We cannot break the conditioning except by somehow finding a way to bypass the normal modes of thought.

    Wright Marsha A. Wright , book editor with Llewellyn , has spent three years researching all aspects of Magick. Direct contact with Louis T. Culling has stimulated her interest in Sex Magick which is considered one of the more powerful forms of Magick. Society has always felt a special compulsion to administer rules for proper sexual behavior that which is culturally acceptable at that time.

    And almost every individual finds himself operating outside of these rules, either on the permissive or restrictive side, or even on both sides at varying times. With the , accelerating problem of overpopulation, it is becoming more and more difficult to believe that sex is only to be used as a vehicle for procreation. But it is difficult to break centuries of autocratic conditioning.

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    At the other extreme, there are those who accept sex only as the giver of the pleasure-pain duality. This is as narrow a view as that of procreation, and as limiting and damaging psychologically. Magick, or more explicitly Sex Magick, has held this view for centuries. Colin Wilson, in his L Amour: The Ways of Love , has come very close to grasping the magic of the sexual act, thereby edging ever closer to the orthodox view incorporated within Sex Magick philosophy.

    Although from all given indications, he has done so unknowingly. In L Amour he says: It has taken modern man to grasp that lovemaking is fundamentally a mystical experience, in which the personalities of the two participants are perhaps the least important part. Both the mystical experience and the sexual experience are learning experiences, and each experience reveals something new, or adds a new dimension to an old perception. They bring awareness of the polarity of all things, as the Yin-Yang principle, and the sorrow-joy duality. But with this awareness of polarity, a subtle awareness of a third element enters in.