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I met my first teacher Garry at the Mind Body and Soul expo not long after.

Can the mighty ox help pull us out of this mire?

He was doing destiny readings. I loved what he shared and wanted to learn more. I travelled for 2 hours after work to learn. Later I met Edgar and I learned from him.

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In I met Salwa and in I started her course. I loved sharing what I learnt with whoever I meet. If you haven't heard of this ancient technique we use your Date of Birth and translate the Five Elements and interpret them using time tested Chinese Astrology. It will give you insight to the past, present, and future and your ability to forward plan.

You will understand how to establish a balance using the Five Elements in your daily living, with your present environment.

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I believe that opening your mind to exciting and positive change can contribute to greater self awareness, which can benefit all areas of your life, and the people that surround you. This is why I keep studying and learning more and more and sharing my knowledge. Remember Me. Mirjana Kurbalija. This e-mail address is protected from spam bots, you must enable JavaScript in your web browser to view it.

Yvonne Darlington. Yvonne Darlington Feng Shui. Rachael Goldsworthy. Rachael Goldsworthy Realty. Marama Haggie. Melynda Munro. Appointments are by referral or when meeting Melynda at one of her introductory talks.

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Professional advice is given on homes, units, offices and businesses when: - Selling or buying a property - Renovating or building new properties - Existing homes, businesses or offices - Improving areas of your lives that are not working for you. Melbourne Feng Shui. Cal Stewart. Narelle McDonald. Wellness at Home. Northern NSW. Meagan Stafford. Lila Naumovski. Four Pillars of Destiny. Powered by Community Builder.

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He encourages the student to think for themself, observe, research, debate and share experiences with other practitioners so that we may learn together, rather than blindly accepting everything he says as feng shui law. The second challenge our Association of feng shui currently faces, is the fact that members of the Association seek not only to increase their knowledge and expertise, but also to make an actual living from this practice, whether on a full time or part time basis. This is why the first day of the Conference addressed the commercial side of putting together a feng shui business and explored ways in which to market your services and realise the value in what you provide.

The need for a more structured cost per service system was highlighted and this will be an ongoing discussion in order to help provide a more uniform fee structure depending on the level of expertise of the practitioner and the service they provide.

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Thus, there has been a gradual increase in distrust of modern knowledge systems, whether they are economics or medicine, and a search for more meaningful humanistic knowledge systems that meld both the intellectual and the emotional. I believe this is the crux of what people are really searching for these days and we are certainly in a great position to help lead the way with authentic feng shui practice and application. Anyway, if you are currently thinking about learning feng shui, a great starting point is to join the Association of Feng Shui Consultants International Inc AFSC which can be found at www.

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Checkout Cart 0. Where the Mind Goes, Qi Follows Posted on April 12, by Derelle Ball A decent feng shui consultant will empower their client by giving them the things they need to focus on and invest their time on, such as when and what to do, how to do it and why and where they should be doing it. Search Social. About Derelle Ball, founder of Centaine Feng Shui, will de-mystify the Feng Shui process and help you make the most of the inherent sheng qi energy in and around your home and work environment. Centaine Feng Shui Partner.